1. ryanafeagin:

    Got to do this awesome philtrum today on @sonkneewellz! 3mm champagne CZ from #neometal sorry for the not-so-perfect photos, it’s gloomy out today.

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  2. Hmong village

    Phrae Province, Thailand


  3. todays little joys




    laughter & learning





  4. youll never be who you want to be without working on it. all people may not be inherently good but they surely have the potential. 


  5. Anonymous said: Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian.



    Except that he almost definitely wasn’t. And Einstein was. And Newton was. And Da Vinci was.

    And if he had been, so what? Hitler wore socks. Are we to say that all people who wear socks are Hitler? He had a dog. Are all dog owners Hitler? He liked to paint. Are all painters Hitler?

    Meanwhile, Pol Pot ate meat. Genghis Khan ate meat. Stalin ate meat. I’m assuming you’re willing to draw comparisons between yourself and these people, yes?

    Try harder, buddy.


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  7. onlyfilmphoto:

    Nikon FE10 and Fuji Sensia400 slide film expired.

    © Daniel Espinoza

  9. Grouplove - “Hippy Hill” [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

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  11. thecindercone:

    A long day of working on the tree houses.

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  12. redefiningfood:

    A very Thai, healthy lunch of Steamed Vegetables with Nam Prik Gung Sod (a Thai chilli paste/dip featuring smoked chilli and fresh prawn) and Red Rice. I’ve recently been on a huge street food kick, and I’ve been trying out lots of wonderful Thai restaurants just around my area. It’s not even necessary to healthify Thai food - no matter what type, whether northern or southern, there are always wonderfully healthy options.

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  13. meritones:

    Don’t let the media warp your perception of beauty. Beauty is pizza. 

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  14. the-art-of-yoga:

    “Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.” ― Osho

    Vṛścikāsana वृश्चिकासन (Scorpion Pose)

    Yoga Teacher Heather Connor

    Photographer yogicasino

    ॐ☯ the-art-of-yoga ☯ॐ

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  15. moleskinelovers:


    Drawing Drunk in July: Part I 

    WARNING: For the most part, I was not sober. 

    These figures were done at Drink and Draw @BatHausCowork in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Heck of a time :) 

    Artist: Sashalyn Medina

    Tumblr: http://sashalynillo.tumblr.com/